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An introductory programming book that doesn't put you to sleep? It's probably just a fantasy...

Actually, what they meant to say was: Welcome to the support site for Head First Programming.

This site provides the extra bits'n'pieces promised in the book, some help on getting Pygame installed on your computer and a set of links that we find useful (and we hope you do, too).

And - of course - there's the ongoing saga over Twitter and the examples in Chapter 3 not working anymore. Check out this entry from the book's Support Forum for all the highs'n'lows, ups'n'downs (not to mention gnashing of teeth) that readers of the book went through in finding a solution, thanks - in no small part - to a helpful shove in the right direction from David. It's great to follow along with the progress being made toward a working solution on Linux, Mac OS X and Windows (as well as on Python 2.x and 3.x).

So... what's stopping you? Click on a tab and let's get going...